What Chemical Reaction Occurs When One Element Replaces Another Compound (2023)

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The chemical reaction occurs when one element replaces another compound.


Chemical reaction : It is the reaction in which two or more substances react to form some new substance .

Like : Burning of fuel etc

We have different types of reactions occurring around us like:

  • Combination reaction
  • Decomposition reaction
  • Displacement reaction
  • Double decomposition reaction
  • Redox reaction

Displacement reaction

it is a reaction between element and a compound in which more reactive element displaces less reactive from its compound

i.E CuSO₄ + Zn --> ZnSO₄ + Cu

(copper sulphate ) (Zinc sulphate )

In this we follow reactivity series and accordingly we come to know whether the reaction will occur or not .

Like if the above asked reaction is modified as this :

ZnSO₄ + Cu ------> No reaction

This is because copper being less reactive than Zn cant displace zinc .Hence , no reaction occur .

Related Questions

_Al(s) + - 02(g) → _Al2O3 (s)
Balance equation


Al (s) + O₂ (g)----> Al₂O₃(s)


Chemical reaction

When two or more substances react and form some new substance it is called as chemical reaction .

For example :

Al (s) + O₂ (g)----> Al₂O₃(s)

Chemical equation

It is the representation of chemical reaction in terms of symbols ,molecular formulas ,moles , states etc .

As we know all chemical reaction obeys law of chemical combination therefore chemical reaction need to be balanced .

Law of conservation of mass

Mass can neither be created nor be destroyed in a chemical reaction , it is always conserved .That is why reactions need to be balanced .

Let us balance

Al (s) + O₂ (g)----> Al₂O₃(s)

After balancing , it becomes :

2Al (s) + 3/2O₂ (g)----> Al₂O₃(s)

__C6H1206 →
__C + __H2 +
Balance equation



1, 6, 6, 3


plug them in in that order

Which advantage of reproduction does the graph show explain



There is no image of the graph, therefore the question cannot be solved.

What are reactants of nuclear fission



When a large, fissile atomic nucleus such as uranium-235 or plutonium-239 absorbs a neutron, it may undergo nuclear fission. The nucleus splits into two or more lighter nuclei, releasing kinetic energy, gamma radiation, and free neutrons.


Hope this helps. :)


Atoms whose atomic number are the same but whose mass numbers are different are called : Isotopes



They are the elements with same atomic number but different mass number .

for example : Protium , deuterium and tritium are isotopes of hydrogen .

: C-14 and C-12 are isotopes of oxygen .

: Cl-35.5 and Cl-37 are isotopes of chlorine

Alpha particles

They are helium nuclei with +2 unit charge and 4 a.m.u mass

They are represented as : He₂⁴.


The atom carrying charge is called as ion .

It can be of two types : Cation and anion

cation :atom with positive charge

Anion : atom with negative charge

Beta particles

They are actually particles with charge and mass of electron and is represented as :₀ e⁻¹

Which of the following molecules would have the strongest London Dispersion Force? A. F²


Answer: D


London forces become stronger as the atom in question becomes larger, and to a smaller degree for large molecules. [4] This is due to the increased polarizability of molecules with larger, more dispersed electron clouds. The polarizability is a measure of ease with which electrons can be redistributed; a large polarizability implies that the electrons are more easily redistributed. This trend is exemplified by the halogens (from smallest to largest: F 2 , Cl2 , Br 2 , I 2 ). The same increase of dispersive attraction occurs within and between organic molecules in the order RF

A car moves at a rate of 100 meters per second heading north . if it changes only its direction what must change A.only its speed
B.only its velocity


I think that the answer is B but I could be completely wrong

Determine the molecular weight of H20.
o 18 g
O 18.0 g
O 18.01 g
O 18.016 g



The correct answer is D

18.016 g


Molecular Weight : It is the sum of atomic weights of each atoms present in the compound.

The molecular weught is measured in atomic mass.unit( amu) or simply"u"

This is calculated by using :

Molecular weight = number of atom x atomic mass of the atom

For H2O

Number of H atoms = 2

Number of O atom = 1

Molecular weight of H2O = 2(mass of H atom) + 1(mass of O atom)

Molecular weight = 2(1.00784) + 15.999

= 18.01558 u

= 18.016 u


18.016 ;)


Got it right on Odessyware

What is the percent composition of tungsten​




Tungsten is an element in the periodic table with an atomic number of , symbol , and atomic mass of .

The percent composition of Tungsten is .

Tungsten is a rare metal and is the strongest known metal on Earth.

Tungsten can be used to make bullets and missiles.

Satelites orbit earth in the​



Geocentric orbit


Answer: geocentric orbit


Write a balanced equation: 34 & Iron (III) sulfate and
potassium hydroxide react
to make potassium sulfate
and iron (III) hydroxide


Fe2(SO4)3 + 6KOH -> 3K2SO4 + 2Fe(OH)3

An ionic bond will form between ?​


An ionic bond will form between a cation and an anion.

Ionic bond which can also be called an electrovalent bond is a type of chemical bonding where by electrons are being transferred from one ion to another.

Ionic bond usually occurs between a metal atom (example Sodium) and a non-metal atom (example chlorine).

The metal atom is the cation because is has an extra electron on its outer most shell called the valence electron which it gives out to become a positively charged ion.

The non metal is the anion because it has an incomplete outermost shell, it accepts electrons to become negatively charged ion.

Therefore ionic bond occurs when a cation for donates electron to an anion leading to the formation of an ionic compound.

Learn more here:


Ionic bond is when a positively charged ion forms a bond with a negatively charged ions and one atom transfers electrons to another

This is worth 30 points HELP!! Which form of precipitation would you predict when you see a cloud shaped like a column in the sky during the summer at an above freezing temperature?

A Heavy rain and hail
B Light rain, sleet, and snow
C Heavy snow and strong winds
D Clear skies with no precipitation


Heavy rain and hail occur during the summer.

What happen when the temperature is above freezing?

Heavy rain and hail occur when you see a cloud shaped like a column in the sky during the summer at an above freezing temperature because above freezing temperature the water present in liquid form which comes to the land in the form of rainfall

While on the other hand, if the temperature is below freezing point than the water turns into solid form which results in snowfall so we can conclude that Heavy rain and hail occur during the summer.

Learn more about temperature here: brainly.com/question/25677592




Column shaped clouds usually mean that heavy precipitation is on the way.

Hydrate name of CaCl2 * 8 H2O



Calcium chloride hydrate

Find the mass of 4.5 moles of Zinc


The mass of 4.5 moles of zinc is 294.21 g.


It is known that 1 mole of any element is equal to the molecular mass of that element. For Zinc, it is known that the molecular mass of Zn is 65.38 g. So 1 mole of Zinc will have 65.38 g.

Then 4.5 moles of Zinc will have the mass equal to the number of moles multiplied by the molar mass.


So 294.21 g mass of Zinc is present in 4.5 moles of Zinc.

How come the periodic table was invented?



In 1869 Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev started the development of the periodic table, arranging chemical elements by atomic mass. He predicted the discovery of other elements, and left spaces open in his periodic table for them. In 1886 French physicist Antoine Bequerel first discovered radioactivity.

Why dilute h2so4 is added to oxalic acid when titrating with kmno4​


To catalyse the reaction and also to prevent the reaction from hydrolysis.


  • Sulphuric acid is using in redox reaction because sulphuric acid is providing H+ ions which is necessary for this reaction to occur more quickly, but the sulphate ions from the sulphuric acid barely react during this process. So H2SO4 is adding in this reaction to make it more acidic.
  • Sulphuric acid is also a dehydrating agent and also a catalyst in this reaction.
  • H2SO4 is helping to prevent the hydrolysis by providing excess H+ ions into the reaction. H2SO4 is stable towards the direction of oxidation.

What was the first artificial satellite? will give brainliest



Explanation: Earth and the moon are examples of natural satellites. Thousands of artificial, or man-made, satellites orbit Earth. ... Still other satellites are used mainly for communications, such as beaming TV signals and phone calls around the world. A group of more than 20 satellites make up the Global Positioning System, or GPS.Feb 12, 2014


the earth and the moon


Give an example of an artificial satellite. will give brainliest



Earth and the moon are examples of natural satellites. Thousands of artificial, or man-made, satellites orbit Earth. ... Still other satellites are used mainly for communications, such as beaming TV signals and phone calls around the world. A group of more than 20 satellites make up the Global Positioning System, or GPS.Feb 12, 2014



earth and moon


2NaHCO3 (s) + heat == Na2CO3 (s) + CO2(g) + H2O (g) How many grams of each product are produced by
the decomposition of 42.0 grams of baking soda?


53 grams of sodium carbonate, 22 grams of carbon dioxide and 9 grams of water.


The amount of production of the products from sodium bicarbonate will depend on the molar weight of sodium bicarbonate. The molar weight of a compound is defined as the weight of 1 mole number of molecules of that compound. To determine the molar weight of a compound the easiest process is to add the the atomic weights of individual atoms present in the compound and thus we can obtain the molar weight of the compound.

Molar weight of sodium is 23. The molar weight of hydrogen is 1. The molar weight of carbon is 12. The molar weight of oxygen is 16. So in a molecule of sodium bicarbonate there are one atom of sodium, one atom of carbon, one atom of hydrogen and three atoms of oxygen. So molar weight of sodium bicarbonate becomes .

So 42 grams of sodium bicarbonate contains half mole of sodium bicarbonate.

Molar weight of one mole of sodium carbonate is = 106.

Molar weight of carbon dioxide is = 44.

Molar weight of water is =18.

Show total amount of products produced will be 53 grams of sodium carbonate, 22 grams of carbon dioxide and 9 grams of water.

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